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The CSSC has lots of trips to the USA this season. We’re kicking it off with Sugarbush this weekend on the 25th, and then we’ve got a series to get you out on the slopes in some new territory!

$60 each trip, limited spots as always.

This is a sick deal, just sayin’….!


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Mont Sainte Anne Weekend Trip

A tentative weekend Schedule for Mont Saint Anne is up, Click here to see it.

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Sales starting Monday for these two killer trips!


For the party-goers (we know more than half of you will be veterans who somehow survived last year):Sainte-Anne

In the past, we took deposits, now it’s all or nothing! (Hey, you’ll be paying it all anyways…)

The trip includes your coach bus transportation, accommodation, lift tickets for Friday Night, Saturday and Sunday, and BBQ and sick party Saturday night. Word is there may be an official beer pong tournament (but regardless, we’ll be playing all night long).

We have some cool extras we’ll be providing this year and cool giveaways, and have no fear, we’re still losing money as always giving you this sick deal….! Come make it worth it for us!


And for the keeners who just can’t wait to get out! :dec20th-01


Stayed tuned for PayPal sales to open in the next few days and come stop into our office hours next week to get your tickets! Trips are open to non-Concordian students and non-students. But please, don’t bring your elderly loved ones or children….


See you on the slopes and at the SAQ…

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HOWLER sold the bleep OUT!

Well, well, it looks this year’s Howler will be even more memorable than ever! We are officially *SOLD OUT*! Congratulations to everyone who got a ticket, you have made a wise decision for how to spend your Hallowe’en night.

So everyone, bring your tickets, or Paypal receipts and ID, your sick costumes, your thirst and your tip money for a wild night with us. Doors open at 10, close at 3, open bar alllll night!

Please let loose and have fun, without getting sick or causing a riot…See you all there!

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Just teamed up with CISA to make this event even more memorable!New Howler Poster

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